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Shareholder Derivative Lawsuit Against Target’s Directors and Officers Dismissed

Posted in Data Breach, Retailing

It has been an open question as to whether derivative claims brought by shareholders against officers and directors of a breached corporation would gain a foothold in the litigation environment. With the recent dismissal of such a claim in the Target case, it appears that these types of actions still face significant hurdles.  The ruling… → Read More

FTC Details Privacy Trade-Offs In Retail Tracking

Posted in Privacy, Retail Tracking, Retailing

The Federal Trade Commission’s (“FTC”) chief technologist has detailed ways for retailers to address consumer privacy concerns posed by the use of tracking technologies to follow consumer’s movements. What is Retail Tracking? Retail tracking uses a variety of technologies to track consumer movements and behaviours in stores and other retail settings such as malls. The technology, which utilizes WiFi or Bluetooth… → Read More

Proposed Class Action Misses its “Target” in Quebec

Posted in Class Actions, Data Breach, Privacy, Quebec, Retailing

On March 23, 2015, the Superior Court of Québec (per Justice Pinsonnault) granted a motion by Defendant Target Corp. to dismiss a proposed class action related to the 2013 data breach that affected millions of customers in the U.S. and allegedly many hundred thousand in Canada, on the grounds that the Courts of Québec lacked… → Read More

The Report From the Privacy Commissioner of Canada – Takeaways For Retailers

Posted in Retailing

The Report From the Privacy Commissioner of Canada – Takeaways For Retailers In an earlier post, we discussed the report of the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada entitled Privacy and Cyber Security: Emphasizing privacy protection in cyber security activities (the “Report”). The following are some takeaways for retailers from the Report. While retailers… → Read More