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Bill S-201 and the Protection Against Genetic Discrimination.

Posted in Discrimination, Employment, Legislation, Privacy

You have done testing to determine whether you have a genetic predisposition to certain medical conditions. The results come back: You do. This is important information for you and your doctor to make more informed decisions about your health care.  But now that you know, are there circumstances in which you should be required to… → Read More

E-Signed Union Membership Cards (Mostly) Accepted by Labour Relations Board

Posted in E-Commerce, Employment

In what appears to be the first decision of its kind, the British Columbia Labour Relations Board (the “Board”) recently accepted electronically signed union membership cards submitted in support of a union certification application. Context The United Food and Commercial Workers Union (the “Union“) had applied under section 18 of the Labour Relations Code (the… → Read More

Hello My Name Is [Redacted]: Employee Privacy Trumps Employer Requirement for Surnames on Name Tags

Posted in Employment, Privacy

What’s in a name? That which we call employee personal information, perhaps. Prairie Montagues and Capulets can carry out their work with the public on a first-name-only basis, according to a recent ruling from a Saskatchewan labour arbitration panel. The panel sided with a healthcare union that complained about the employer’s policy requiring staff nametags… → Read More

Grievors May Be Publicly Identified Despite Privacy Legislation

Posted in Employment, Legislation

Employers will welcome the recent decision by the British Columbia Court of Appeal that the province’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) does not prohibit the public identification of grievors and witnesses in arbitral decisions. Context In grieving the dismissal of a truck driver from his employment, the United Food & Commercial Workers, Local 1518 had… → Read More

How to Discipline Cyber-Snooping Employees

Posted in Employment

In a digitized world, it can be all too easy for unauthorized employees to access confidential information in the workplace, as recent breaches at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency  and some Ontario hospitals have shown.  Employers should be prepared to take appropriate disciplinary action against employees who snoop into personal  information.  In some instances, termination of… → Read More