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Drones, Trains and Automobiles: Clear(er) Skies Ahead for Drone Operators in Canada

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Drone operators are (almost) cleared for takeoff in urban centres again as Transport Canada proposes a new regulatory regime aiming to balance innovation with public safety and easy-to-follow rules with flexibility. The new regulations – for which public comment is open until October 13 – adopt a risk-based approach to managing the use of unmanned… → Read More

Transport Canada Launches Online “Drone Incident” Reporting Tool

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Transport Canada has announced the launch of a new incident-reporting tool “to keep Canadians safe from reckless drone use.” The new online reporting tool will allow people to report drone “incidents” from their mobile phones and will help Transport Canada “gather valuable information that will assist inspectors with investigations.” It serves as a single-entry-point for… → Read More

The Privacy Commissioner of Canada Comments on Proposed UAV Regulation

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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) released its comments on the notice of proposed amendment (NPA) to the Civil Aviation Regulations published by Transport Canada in the CARAC Activity Reporting Notice, no. 2015-12 (May 28, 2015). The proposed amendment is to develop regulations for unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) (see summary here).The OPC… → Read More

Businesses Geo-Fence Properties Against Drones

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Fans who can’t get their hands on Blue Jays playoff tickets can forget trying to capture the game from a bird’s eye view with their drone. Following a series of international reports of drones crashing into the stands at sporting events, social media recently lit up with reports that Toronto’s Rogers Centre (Skydome) had implemented… → Read More

Droning On: Canada’s New Drone Regulations

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Transport Canada has unveiled a new set of proposed drone regulations, which would apply to small(ish) drones – those weighing 25 kg or less – that are flown within sight of the operator. Large drones continue to be governed by the Special Flight Operations Certificate (“SFOC”) regime described in a previous post. Once these new regulations… → Read More