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Ontario Health Privacy Changes Establish New Breach Notification Requirements

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The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care intends to ensure that health information custodians (HICs) pay due attention to the personal health information they control by introducing new notification and reporting obligations. If the proposed amendments to O Reg 329/04 under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA) come into force,[1] notification obligations… → Read More

Changes to Ontario’s Health Information Privacy Law Include Breach Notification, Increased Penalties

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Notification to affected individuals and regulators will be required in the event of unauthorized use or disclosure of personal health information under amendments to Ontario’s health information legislation. The Ontario legislature passed Bill 119[1] in May, which amended the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004, c 3, Sched. A (“PHIPA”) and repealed and replaced the… → Read More

Hospital Privacy Breach Results in OSC Laying Charges

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The Ontario Securities Commission (“OSC”) has announced a series of criminal and quasi-criminal charges following an investigation related to the misuse of confidential patient information from the Rouge Valley Health System and the Scarborough Hospital. The OSC charges stem from allegations that a RESP sales representative purchased stolen maternity patient labels from a hospital nurse… → Read More

PHIPA Does Not Preclude the Recourse to Common Law for Health Privacy Violations

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PHIPA Does Not Preclude the Recourse to Common Law for Health Privacy Violations Facts ‘‘With the click of a mouse, personal health records can be accessed by those who have a legitimate interest in properly treating a patient – or they can be accessed for an improper purpose.’’ These were the opening words of the… → Read More