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Cyberbullying & Revenge Porn: An Update on Canadian Law

Posted in Privacy

The current nature of social media and, more broadly, the Digital Age, continues to create challenges for legislators and law enforcement officials alike. One such challenge arises in the cyberbullying context, where intimate (or otherwise private) images are uploaded to the Internet. These files can be copied, forwarded and shared instantaneously, making them seemingly impossible… → Read More

Multi-use Personal ID Cards: Does Convenience Trump Privacy?

Posted in Big Data, Legislation, Privacy

On January 11, 2016, Manitoba announced its approval of an all-in-one personal identification card (PIC). The PIC will offer Manitobans a combined driver’s licence, photo ID, Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN) and travel document as early as fall 2017.[1] While the consolidation of identification into one location is a blessing for consumers, it raises privacy concerns… → Read More