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Drones, Trains and Automobiles: Clear(er) Skies Ahead for Drone Operators in Canada

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Drone operators are (almost) cleared for takeoff in urban centres again as Transport Canada proposes a new regulatory regime aiming to balance innovation with public safety and easy-to-follow rules with flexibility. The new regulations – for which public comment is open until October 13 – adopt a risk-based approach to managing the use of unmanned… → Read More

Businesses Geo-Fence Properties Against Drones

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Fans who can’t get their hands on Blue Jays playoff tickets can forget trying to capture the game from a bird’s eye view with their drone. Following a series of international reports of drones crashing into the stands at sporting events, social media recently lit up with reports that Toronto’s Rogers Centre (Skydome) had implemented… → Read More

Droning On: Canada’s New Drone Regulations

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Transport Canada has unveiled a new set of proposed drone regulations, which would apply to small(ish) drones – those weighing 25 kg or less – that are flown within sight of the operator. Large drones continue to be governed by the Special Flight Operations Certificate (“SFOC”) regime described in a previous post. Once these new regulations… → Read More