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Privacy Commissioner Targets IoT Health Devices in Sweep

Posted in Big Data, Internet of Things, Privacy, Telematics, Wearables

What rumours is your fitness tracker spreading about you?  In its latest Internet of Things themed sweep, the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada reviews what personal information is being collected about Canadians by “smart” health and fitness devices. Many of us will remember Time Magazine’s audaciously titled September 2013 issue, which splashed the… → Read More

Online Trust Alliance Releases Draft “Trust Framework” for the Internet of Things

Posted in Internet of Things, Wearables

By some estimates, there were more than 2 wireless networked devices for every person on the planet in 2014. The multiplier is expected to reach 5 by the year 2020. This explosive proliferation of networked technology offers remarkable opportunities, but also inspires concern that the connected future may result in ubiquitous, inescapable, surveillance of every… → Read More

Car Infotainment Systems, Fitness Trackers the Focus of Forthcoming Privacy Studies

Posted in Privacy, Telematics, Wearables

This week the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) announced $440,000 in funding for nine new privacy research projects that will explore emerging and evolving privacy issues. The OPC’s choice of projects telegraphs its areas of interest and can signal future areas of increased activity for the OPC. The resulting research reports often set benchmark privacy expectations for  these… → Read More